Half- and full-day courses

Topic:  Structure-based drug development with emphasis on drugability, safety and regulatory compliance

    Lectures with handouts for attendees (followed by a Q&A session)

    The courses cover key points presented in the following individual lectures

Individual lectures

Structure-based predictions of pharmacokinetics (ADMET)

Structural alerts for reactive metabolites

Metabolites in safety testing: MIST and DDIs

The new FDA and EMA guidance documents on in vitro testing

The victim potential of drugs: CYP and UGT reaction phenotyping

The perpetrator potential of drugs: Part 1. Cytochrome P450 inhibition

The perpetrator potential of drugs: Part 2. Enzyme induction

Drug transporters and lysosomal trapping

Enzyme suppression by therapeutic proteins (biologics)

Pharmacogenomics and special populations

Other selected topics and customized presentations

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