About XPD

XPD Consulting offers pharmaceutical companies decades of experience in drug development from lead candidate optimization to consultation at FDA Advisory Meetings (see Services)

We’re not simply problem solvers, we’re problem preventers.  Share the structure of your drug candidates with us and we’ll explain what to expect in terms of ADMET, and drug-drug interactions (both from a victim and perpetrator potential) and we’ll point out structural alerts to help you rank-order drug candidates as well as prioritize and interpret your studies

As former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of XenoTech, the contract research organization he founded in 1994, Dr. Andrew Parkinson has extensive experience based on testing thousands of drug candidates and consulting for over a hundred clients in America, Europe and Japan

With XPD Consulting, you get three for the price of one.  Andrew Parkinson is book smart (he’s adjunct professor of pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Kansas Medical Center) and street savvy (he is founder and former CEO/CSO of XenoTech).  Brandy Paris is XenoTech’s former Chief of Operations (COO) with over a decade of experience in drug metabolism, drug-drug interactions, study management, GLP regulations and related operations.  Oliver Parkinson (yes, Andrew's son) received his training in drug metabolism at XenoTech, the University of Queensland, and the University of Washington.

XPD Consulting is a limited liability company incorporated in Kansas, USA